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Motor House

We appreciate your car

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About us

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About us

Motor House is a new brand in the Azerbaijani automotive industry, which presents the latest technologies. The professional staff of Motor House are specialists trained in the use of used technologies. In addition to the latest technology equipment, the service also has a team for the sale of spare parts for customers. Spare parts, car accessories and other relevant parts are provided at the request of each customer. From the moment you come to the Motor House, you feel the moment when a new breath comes to the car service area. In addition to the professional team, which provides a high level of customer comfort, there are also customer recreation areas, Motor Cafe.

Motor Cafe is designed in a special concept. Here you can taste the delicacies of world cuisine and watch the process of car service. Motor House also serves as a training center for car service. The training center offers a training program with the participation of invited experts from the countries involved in the automotive industry to anyone who is interested in this field and wants to specialize in this field. The Motor House also provides services for electric cars. In addition, a motorcycle repair service is planned.

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Our services

Periodic maintenance
Diagnostics of moving parts
Electrical diagnostics
Engine work
Work on the gearbox
Locksmith works
Blacksmith work
Adjustment / balance
Repair / Painting
Cosmetic work
Car wash

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Baku city, Garadagh district, Baku Circle Road 1063